Why should you use an Impact Wrench?

Technologic innovations are constantly working to make our lives easier. Everyone knows that those who do not keep up and adapt to technology are left behind. Using technological advancements to be more efficient at our jobs is how we can move forward and find success. Therefore if you are a mechanic or work in construction, it is likely that you have already heard about an impact wrench. It is a power tool that is used to tighten or loosen bolt of lug nuts, by generating a powerful torque. If you are still using a manual wrench to get your work done, this article is for you. So why should you use an impact wrench?

why should you use an impact wrench

You get more work done

It can generate a huge amount of torque to produce a turning effect to tighten or loosen bolt and lug nuts. The torque can generate more than 300 rounds per minute (rpm). Not only does this dramatically reduce one’s efforts while doing the task, but this also saves the user’s energy. Thus, a person can continuously do many more tasks without getting fatigued or taking breaks.

They save a lot of time

As mentioned above, the powerful torque and huge value of rpm, allows the user to complete the task more than 10 times earlier that he would have otherwise. This again gives you the opportunity to get more things done in a lesser amount of time. Consequently, your working efficiency is vastly improved.

There are different types available

The tool is available in three major types; air powered, corded, and battery operated. You can choose which one you want to use depending on the type of work you do. For example, an air impact wrench is highly robust, which makes it a perfect choice for industrial work. On the other hand, a cordless one can be used anywhere, due to its mobility. A corded type can work continuously without running out of power supply. Thus they cater to every kind of work.

It can do heavy-duty tasks

It is unimaginable to think about how hard it would be to do heavy-duty tasks manually, by using a hand wrench. Not only does performing these tasks manually take an enormous amount of time and effort, in some cases, but it might also even be impossible to do so without using any power tools. Thus, it is essential that everyone should have an impact wrench, be it for professional purposes or for using it at home.

You save money

While this tool might seem to be an expensive purchase, think of it as an investment. If you are an average person who has to take their car to a mechanic every time you need something simple done, that you probably could not do by using a hand wrench, you are wasting money. Be smart, and make a onetime investment, after which you can save many visits to a mechanic, or even avoid calling a carpenter or electrician for fixing simple things at your place.