WEN 3962T Two-Speed Band Saw Review

WEN 3962T Two-Speed Band Saw Review


In the world of woodworking, there are few tools as indispensable as a band saw. Whether you’re doing fine furniture work, custom cabinetry, or just building simple projects for your home, a good band saw can take a lot of guesswork out of the equation and speed up production time dramatically. So it’s important to choose wisely when considering which model to buy. The WEN 3962T Band Saw is an excellent choice if you want something that will be able to stand up to virtually any project you throw at it without slowing down or bogging down like lesser models might.

About the product

The 3962T is a 12-inch band saw with a 15-amp motor that operates at speeds up to 2620 FPM. It provides a 3/8-inch blade stroke; however, it can be converted to accept 1/2-inch blades as well. With its large, spacious 14-1/8 x 12-1/2 inch table, this model can cut up to 6 inches deep and 9-3/4 inches wide. The work table bevels up to 45 degrees, and the Operator’s Manual details how to adjust the rear trunnion for precise beveling settings.

As far as power and performance go, you would be hard-pressed to find another model on the market that equals the 3962T. The 3962T features a powerful 3-5/8 amp motor that makes quick work of virtually any project you can throw at it. Plus, its three-speed design allows for versatility not found on similar units; and with speeds of either 1520 or 2620 FPM, you’re sure to find the right speed for your project. Other specifications worth noting are the large 14-1/8 x 12-1/2 inch table, which bevels up to 45 degrees for increased project stability, as well as the included dust port so you can hook up to a shop vacuum or dust collection system with ease. The 3962T also features a convenient speed control that allows you to adjust the saw’s speed from low to high with ease.

The saw comes equipped with a blade guide roll which helps to reduce the risk of blades breaking for increased safety and peace of mind. It also features an adjustable table stop which allows you to quickly and easily change the depth of cut, as well as a work light so you can see your line or area of cut accurately. The 3962T also includes a stand, miter gauge, work light, and fence; however, this model does not come with an included dust bag or vacuum attachment (you’ll need to buy those separately).


The 3962T is a very durable and heavy-duty band saw that will be able to meet the needs of virtually any woodworker. If you are looking for a solid workhorse, this is definitely a great model to consider. The only real downside we could find was its lack of dust collection abilities out of the box; however, it comes with a dust port, so you can easily hook up your shop vacuum or dust collection system and accomplish this task with ease.

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