Powermate 1/2″ Air Impact Wrench Review

If you are in need of buying an impact wrench, chances are you have probably stumbled upon a thousand of those on the internet. Each one presents itself as the best one available! Some are cordless, some weight next to nothing; so how does one decide which one to buy? We had the same dilemma, so we decided to test some of them ourselves. One of them with probably the most promising features was the tool introduced by Powermate – Powermate 1/2″ Air Impact Wrench and this is our review.

powermate 1/2-inch air impact wrench review

The tool is a new addition to the Powermate air tools collection. It is a compact and lightweight product, with its body made of aluminum. The machine can be used for professional work as well as some simple ones like removing or tightening lug nuts. It is not only more powerful than its counterparts in the market, but it is also built with a user-friendly design. The tool also comes with a 1/2 inch drive sockets.

Great Features

  1. It is user-friendly: It is designed with an easy to use a soft touch and firm grip handle, which makes it easy to use without causing fatigue to the user. Along with this, the body of the tool is made of aluminum. This makes the product 20 percent lighter than the others.
  2. It is more powerful and efficient: The twin hammer design technology used to build the tool makes it more efficient than the wrenches using the single hammer technology. The twin hammer technology allows the machine to work with more power while producing lesser vibration.

It can also be used for professional purposes as the product can generate a powerful torque, which can also be set to a forward or reverse direction, as per the requirement of the task. It also comes with the facility of adjustable power, which makes it a versatile tool. This greatly increases the variety of tasks which the machine can be used to perform.


  • Item model number: P0240252SP
  • Item weight: 4.85 pounds
  • Size: 1/2 inch
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 3 x 7.8 inches
  • Battery required: No

Customer Feedback and Conclusion

The Powermate is well liked by all its users. Its highly powerful torque makes it useful for professional and well as personal uses! The biggest advantage is that this tool neither requires a battery nor an electric power supply. Thus, it can be used 24/7 without the lack of charge in the battery slowing it down. The compressed air used to generate power is more powerful than batteries of electricity. The machine is very affordable.

Our conclusion is that it is an essential item to have in your toolbox! Its sleek and compact design makes it easy to use and store anywhere and everywhere. Perhaps the most impressive feature is that it has is an aluminum body which makes it 20 percent lighter than other impact wrenches.