Metabo C3607DAQ4 HPT 36V MultiVolt Cordless Circular Saw Review

Metabo C3607DAQ4 HPT 36V MultiVolt Cordless Circular Saw Review


The Metabo HPT C3607 Cordless Circular Saw is a cordless saw that has many features for the woodworking enthusiast! It’s lightweight, fast, and accurate. In this article, I’ll be reviewing this tool.

About the product

This 36V MultiVolt cordless circular saw is a lightweight and very powerful tool. It’s ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue during use. This saw features 36 Volts of power with the ability to cut 2-in x 8-in wood at 90 degrees, 7/8-in plywood at 45 degrees, and 1-7/8-in stock at a 45-degree bevel.

It has fast cutting times without hesitation or bogging down when making plunge cuts into concrete backer board. The dust blower clears away dust and debris from the cutting path which results in more accurate cuts every time! The electric brake will stop the blade immediately after release for unparalleled safety wherever you are. This saw features an electric brake that stops the blade after it is released for increased safety and preciseness. The multi-volt capacity of this saw allows the user to choose between using 36-volt lithium-ion batteries or power cords when needed.

This Metabo Circular Saw is powered by 36 volts of power along with having the ability to use AC adapters while working on larger projects. Also, since it runs off this voltage this makes the unit more efficient than most other circular saws because it doesn’t have to fight against the resistance caused by low battery levels while running under high load. I find this feature very useful because you don’t have to worry about decreasing power levels just as you working with it. Along with this, the saw is also designed ergonomically which will be great for people who are always using circular saws for long periods of time. The way that the front handle and rear grip are made lays flat against the back of my hands instead of sticking out perpendicular to my wrist as most other circular saws do.



  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed for fatigue reduction
  • Powerful and fast cuts with no hesitation or bogging down
  • The dust blower clears the path of dust which provides more accurate cuts
  • Safe to use with an electric brake that stops the blade after release
  • Has an ability to work with AC adapters for long periods of time, saving battery power


  • It could be cheaper


If you’re looking for a cordless circular saw that provides power, lightweight design, and safety features – the Metabo HPT C3607 might be just what you need. This tool is perfect for woodworking enthusiasts who are always on the go or have to work for long periods of time because it’s ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue during use. The dust blower clears away debris from your cutting path which will result in more accurate cuts every single time!


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