Makita 18V 1/2″ Cordless Impact Wrench Review – XWT08M LXT

If you are in the construction or automotive business, chances are you either already have an impact wrench, or you want to buy it. Choosing one to buy can be a hard decision, not only are there different models produced by different companies available in the market, but also different types of them. It is important to choose a tool according to the type of work you do. But perhaps the most versatile type is a cordless one, which can be suited for almost any task. Therefore, we tested the Makita Cordless Impact Wrench, and here is our review.

makita 18v 1/2 inch cordless impact wrench review

The ergonomically designed compact machine is merely 9 inches long and weighs 7.9 pounds. It can generate a maximum torque of about 740 ft-lbs in a forward direction, and 1180 ft-lbs in the reverse direction. As it is a cordless tool, its power supply is provided by a Lithium-ion battery. The 18-Volt battery is also rechargeable. It comes with a square drive of 1/2 inch. The tool itself, Lithium-ion battery, and its charger come with a 3-year warranty. The items can also be returned within 30 days of their purchase if found defective or faulty.

Great features

  1. It is lightweight: It is a very compact machine. It weighs merely 7.9 pounds and is only about 9 inches long. It is ergonomically designed to provide a firm grip. This prevents the user from getting fatigued and exhausted. Thus the operator can continue to work for long hours and manage a bigger workload.
  2. It is battery operated: It is cordless and requires 18 volts of batter to function. The battery is rechargeable and comes with a charger. Due to its being cordless it is highly portable. Therefore, the machine can be used anywhere and everywhere. It does not need an electric supply, or the hassle of a compressed air container to be carried with it.
  3. It is powerful: The Makita is one of the most powerful tools in the cordless category. It can generate a forward torque of 740 ft-lbs and a reverse torque of 1180 ft-lbs. It also has button switches to change the torque direction and set the speed at three different levels.


  • Part number: XWT08M
  • Item weight: 16 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 12.5 x 22.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Batteries: 2 Lithium-ion 18 volts (Included with a charger)
  • Size: 1/2 inch
  • Wattage: 4
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

Feedback and Conclusion

The Makita XWT08M LXT is one of its kind. Unlike most of the other cordless tools on the market, it is able to generate a great amount of power and speed and is also suitable for heavy-duty tasks. It is also durable, and very ergonomic to handle. It received positive reviews and 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

In our opinion, the Makita is probably one of the most robust among all others available on the market and is worth every penny.