Klutch Heavy-Duty Air Impact Wrench review

An impact wrench in one of the most helpful and timesaving tools in anyone’s toolbox. You could be a car mechanic, carpenter, or making a home décor project, using an impact wrench can substantially reduce the time and effort needed to be put in your task. However, one problem you might face is deciding which company’s impact wrench you would want to buy. Thus, we tried some to see which one is the most promising and cost-effective impact wrench in the market and found the Klutch heavy duty air impact wrench and this is Klutch Heavy-Duty Air Impact Wrench review.

klutch heavy-duty air impact wrench review

Klutch Heavy-Duty Air Impact Wrench review

The Klutch heavy duty air impact wrench is probably one of the best air impact wrenches. It is designed for professional and heavy-duty work; generating 2500 ft-lbs of torque in reverse and 1800 ft-lbs in forward. The high power and speedy torque are fuelled by compressed air. The square drive is of 1 inch and comes with an extended anvil of 8 inches, which helps in reaching in inconvenient spaces. Its air inlet and minimum hose size are half an inch each.

Great features

  1. Fuelled by compressed air: Air impact wrenches are the most robust impact wrenches as compared to the other types (the electric and cordless impact wrenches). Thus, it is able to generate powerful forward and reverse torques. It average air consumption is CFM 10.
  2. Speedy: The Klutch air impact wrench is probably the speediest among is comparable air impact wrenches. It has a variable speed but can give up to 700 impacts per minute (IPM). The number of rounds per minutes (RPM) without any load is 5000.
  3. Powerful: The Klutch air impact wrench is able to generate forward and reverse torque. While its working torque is 400 to 1800 ft-lbs, its reverse maximum torque is 2500 ft-lbs, and for forward it is 1800 ft-lbs. The twin hammer technology, along with a high value of IPM and RPM, makes it powerful and suitable for heavy-duty takes.


  • Part number: SM-47-4072LB
  • Weight: 24.3 pounds
  • Average air consumption: 10 CFM
  • Noise level: dB 97
  • Standard bolt capacity: 1.25 inches

Feedback and conclusion:

The Klutch air impact is highly successful and popular among its users. The most outstanding features are its strength, speed, and durability. Not only is it better than all the other impact wrenches in the market, but it also one of the most inexpensive impact wrenches working on compressed air. The Klutch air impact wrench has 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

In our opinion, the Klutch air impact wrench is the most powerful impact wrench, which makes it ideal for heavy-duty professional use. Along with that, its variable speed makes the machine more versatile and suited for other works too. Although the impact wrench is heavy, it is still lighter than most of the air impact wrenches, thus it is also user-friendly. If you want to buy an air impact wrench, the Klutch air impact is a perfect choice.