Kawasaki Electric Impact Wrench Review – 841426

There are three major types of electric wrenches available: cordless, electric and compressed air impact wrenches. While the air impact wrenches are mainly used for heavy-duty professional work, a cordless one is usually only suitable for small-scale home improvement projects due to not being able to generate enough power. However, an electric impact wrench is mostly used for both the purposes; it is cheaper than air impact wrenches and more robust than the battery operated ones, thus catering to the needs of more people. In this article you will read about one of the electric impact wrenches – it is Kawasaki electric impact wrench review.

kawasaki electric impact wrench review

About the product – Kawasaki Electric Impact Wrench Review

The Kawasaki impact wrench works on a corded electric power of 7.5 Amp, 60 Hertz, and 120 Volts. It is able to generate a torque of up to 220 ft-lbs in forward and reverse direction for tightening or loosening bolts or lug nuts. The Kawasaki impact wrench also generates more than 2700 Impacts per minute (IPM), and 2700 Rounds Per Minute (RPM). A metal gearbox covers the Kawasaki impact wrench, thus its casing is long-lasting. The machine is also optimized for single hand operation, therefore it can be set to forward and reverse direction by merely pressing a switch. The Kawasaki electric impact wrench comes with a few accessories: 4 sizes of 1/2 inch Dr sockets; 11/16 inch, 3/4 inch, and 13/16 inch, and 7/8 inch. Here are the details on some of the machine’s great features.

Great features

  1. It works on electricity: The biggest advantage of using the Kawasaki electric impact wrench is to be able to use it instantly whenever needed. It does not need batteries that have to be charged before using them, or needs a compressed air cylinder. However, it can easily be carried wherever needed, with its wire. The machine can be used anywhere where electric supply is available.
  2. It is powerful: The Kawasaki impact wrench is among the most powerful torque producing impact wrenches with forward and reverse directions. It can generate a torque of up to 120 Volts, 2700 IPM, and 2100 RPM. The machine also has a switch that can be used to select the direction of torque, optimizing one hand operation. This adds to its quick and easy operation.
  3. It is durable: The machine’s casing is built with a metallic gearbox. Therefore, unlike most cordless battery operated impact wrenches, they are durable, and unlike most comparable impact wrenches, its durability is lasting for years and paying off its price.


  • Part number: 841426
  • Item weight: 10.65 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 5.1 x 10.4 x 14.2 inches
  • Colour: Green
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Number of handles: 1

Customer feedback and conclusion

The Kawasaki impact wrench does not fail to deliver its promises. The machine is powerful, long lasting, and easy to use. A user is able to do a large amount of work in a matter of minutes with the help of the robust and speedy machine. This is why it received 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Our verdict is that the machine is a winner, and better than other comparable products on the market.