Cordless impact wrenches are all the rage these days. Not only are impact wrenches efficient and timesaving as it is, but the cordless impact wrenches also provide users with a greater level of efficiency, ease, and safety. This is why they are the most popular. Their popularity has led to the increased production of new models of air impact wrenches every day. This made it difficult for us to choose which one we should buy, thus we used a couple of them and chose the best one to save you from this dilemma. Therefore, this is our Goodyear 24V cordless impact wrench review.


goodyear 24v cordless impact wrench review



Goodyear 24V Cordless Impact Wrench Review – 33609PB

The Goodyear impact wrench is cordless, and thus battery operated impact wrench. It requires a 24 volts battery to work. It has a 1/2 inch of drive impact wrench, variable speed trigger, and can generate a high amount of power, enough to perform heavy-duty work. The impact wrench weighs merely 12.65 pounds, and its dimensions are 4.5 x 15 x 14 inches. The details of the impact wrench looked promising to us, so we chose it to put to our test.

Great features

  1. It is battery operated: The Goodyear 24 V impact wrench uses a batter of 24 volts to function. It is cordless, thus it can be used without the hassle of carrying a compressed air container or connecting it to a power socket for electricity. The battery can be charged whenever needed, and then put in the machine to be used. This allows the Goodyear cordless 24 V impact wrench a greater degree of portability than the other types of impact wrenches available on the market.
  2. It comes with heavy-duty gears and variable speed trigger: Unlike most of the cordless impact wrenches, the Goodyear cordless 24 V impact wrench, is suitable for heavy-duty tasks. It can be used for cars, trucks, motorcycles, campers, trailers, tractors etc, due to its heavy-duty gear. It also comes with a trigger to vary speeds, which can be used to adjust the machine to the task required to do. There is also a forward and reverse switch, to set the direction of rotation, according to the task; tightening or loosening the bolts and lug nuts.
  3. It is safe to use: Unlike the other types of impact wrenches, the cordless ones are the safest options. There are much lesser chances of accidents related to compressed gas cylinders or electric flow. Not only this, but the Goodyear cordless impact wrench also has a built-in electronic brake for safety and control, which stops the machine in potentially dangerous situations like overheating of the machine.


  • Item weight: 12.65 pounds
  • Manufacturer part number: 33609PB
  • Product dimensions: 4.5 x 15 x 14 inches
  • Voltage: 24 Voltage

Result and feedback:

The Goodyear cordless impact wrench was an instant hit among the people after its release. It has 4 out of 5 stars on the Amazon and is appreciated for its sleek designing, and efficient and easy to use technology. The users also think is it moderately priced.