reasons why you need a cordless impact wrench

An impact wrench is one of the greatest inventions to save time. It is a tool that generates a great amount of torque to help you loosen or tighten lug nuts. Due to the increasing advancements in order to produce better power tools than ever, there are three major types of impact wrenches available in the market: air impact wrench, electric impact wrench, and cordless impact wrench. So if you are looking for reasons why you need a cordless impact wrench – read on.

Why a cordless impact wrench?

The cordless impact wrenches use batteries as their power source in order to function. While initially, the battery operated impact wrenches were unsuccessful, they have highly improved and emerged as the most versatile ones recently. If you want to buy one, an electric impact wrench is what you should be investing your money in. Following are the reasons why a cordless impact wrench would be your best choice:

Reasons why you need a cordless impact wrench:

It is the quickest to assemble

Whenever you need to use an impact wrench, a cordless impact wrench is the quickest to assemble. All you have to do it insert in the batteries and connect the power tool to its socket. It is easier than plugging in the wires of an electric power impact or connecting an air impact wrench to its compressed air cylinder.

It is cheaper than the other types

While there is not much difference between the prices of an electric and battery operated impact wrench, an air impact wrench can be more costly, as it highly robust and used for industrial purposes.

It is more mobile

With an in-built power source in the form of batteries, the mobility of the cordless impact wrenches is not limited due to any wires connected to the power supply, or attachment with the compressed air cylinder.

It is the most versatile impact wrench

Unlike air impact wrenches, cordless impact wrenches are ideal to be used at home, as they are used less frequently. However, they can also be used by professional mechanics for some low-grade work, for example loosening the lug nuts off a car.

It can be used anywhere and anytime

A cordless impact wrench is very portable. It can be taken anywhere. You do not need to find a power supply to work with it or have to go through the hassle of carrying a compressed air container to use as a fuel for your impact wrench to work.

It is the latest technology and keeps improving

Despite the fact that battery operated impact wrenches were not successful in their beginning years, they are among the most widely sold power tools today. Initially, the cordless impact wrenches were unable to generate torques of high power, however, in recent years, they have been designed to generate enough power to be used for industrial purposes.

Some are designed with cooling technology

The cordless impact wrenches are becoming technologically advanced. Since a few years, they are designed with inbuilt cooling technology that prevents the machine from overheating. This makes them safer, and more suitable to be used at home by an amateur user.

It is impossible to not be sold on a cordless impact wrench’s merits! So go buy yours today!