How to choose an Impact Wrench?

An impact wrench has become one of the most sought-after mechanical tools these days. Not only for professionals at their jobs, but also for an amateur at their home, it has become a necessity these days. However, despite its efficiency, it can easily be among the more expensive items in your toolbox. This is why it is essential that while buying it, you should invest in one that suits your needs and the type of work you have to do. So how to choose an Impact Wrench?

how to choose an impact wrench

Types of impact wrenches

Air Powered

  • An air type uses compressed air as a power source to drive the wrench.
  • Pros: It generates a great amount of torque. It is probably the most powerful among all the others.
  • Con: It is expensive.
  • This is ideal for heavy-duty tasks and frequent use. It is the quickest of all, which means should be used by professionals to allow them to complete more tasks in less time.


  • It has to be connected to an electric power supply.
  • Pros: It is less expensive than an air type.
  • Con: It cannot be used without a power supply.


  • It requires a battery for power supply.
  • Pros: Being cordless, it can be used anywhere. It is quick and robust.
  • Con: It is not as long lasting as the others are.
  • It is ideal to be used at home, where it is needed only occasionally.

Things to consider

Once you have chosen what kind of a tool is the most suitable to buy, following are some more factors to consider:

  • The torque generated: The main purpose of using this tool is to minimize the amount of time and effort. In order to select a good one, it is important to choose one which generates a great amount of torque, doing its function efficiently. Generally, you should aim 150 to 200 Ft.lbs. For professional purposes, the torque should be higher.
  • Weight: Working with a heavy tool for prolonged hours can not only tire you but would also cause medical problems related to your wrist, like carpal tunnel syndrome. Thus, always choose a lightweight product.
  • Rounds per minute: The higher the number of rounds per minute of your machine, the quicker it will do your tasks. Choose it with 2500 to 3000 rpm. This will allow you to finish your tasks quicker and help you manage more projects at a given time.
  • Drive size: They come in varying sizes, for example, 1/2 inches, 3/4 inches, 3/8 inches, etc. Choose the size that fits the requirements of your work.
  • Warranty: While it is not essential to buy a product which is in warranty, as long as it is good quality and from a reliable brand, we highly recommend you to choose a tool which comes with a warranty of a year or two. An impact wrench is not cheap, thus having a warranty to fix it when broken would be helpful to your budget.