Grizzly G0555 14″ Band Saw Review

Grizzly G0555 14" Band Saw Review


The Grizzly G0555 14″ Band Saw is a fantastic saw for those who are looking for an affordable, yet versatile option.

It’s perfect for small jobs and hobbyists alike! It’s built with precision and durability in mind as well as affordability. The blade tension lever makes it easy to set the right amount of tension on your blade so you can cut through any material without hassle. This band saw has a variety of blades available from 1/8 inch all the way up to 3/4 inch wide. Whether you’re cutting wood or metal, this machine will make short work of whatever job you throw at it! You’ll never have to worry about being bored with your projects again- this tool will keep things interesting!

About the product

The Grizzly G0555 14″ Band Saw is a terribly versatile band saw that offers precision, durability, and most importantly- affordability. This machine has the ability to cut through any material with ease due to its blade tension lever which makes adjustments easy! The G0555 features blades from 1/8 inch all the way up to 3/4 inch wide. You can use this machine for wood or metal cutting jobs without worry! Not only will you not be bored out of your mind with repetitive tasks, but also you’ll keep things fresh with this great product. It’s an amazing value for the money!



  • The G0555 has a variety of blades available for cutting different types of material. -Is very affordable.
  • Features a blade tension lever that makes set up and tears down easy.
  • Comes with the extruded aluminum fence, miter gauge, and 3/8 inch blade, as well as open frame, stand with cast iron wheels(makes transportation easy)
  • It’s built to be durable and can cut through any material such as wood or metal.
  • A powerful 1 HP single phase motor means you can run it at 110V or 220V (switchable).


  • Manual is sometimes difficult to follow and understand.


The Grizzly G0555 Band Saw is a versatile saw that will make short work of any material. This model is perfect for hobbyists or small, home-based jobs where there’s no need for a huge machine.

Being affordable, portable, and easy to use as well as durable makes this band saw appealing to those who do not want to break the bank on overpriced models made specifically for industrial purposes. If you’re looking for an effective way to cut through wood or metal – look no further! The G0555 has got you covered!


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