The 8 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches To Buy In 2023 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

There are many tasks at home, which can’t be done using human power. No matter how strong you are, you’ll need some super-human powers to drill holes or drive a screw into the thickest and densest materials such as metal or wood. An impact wrench proves to be very handy in such situations, especially if you are a DIY type of a person. There are many of them available on the market, and choosing the right one according to your requirements is imperative. This is because not every wrench is suitable for everyone. This post contains all the information so that you can choose the best cordless impact wrench for your project.

the best cordless impact wrench


ImageProduct NameSizeWeightDimensionsTorque
dewalt dcf889m2DEWALT DCF889M21/2"12 pounds17.1 x 5.9 x 9.8 inches400ft-lbs
dewalt dcf813s2DEWALT DCF813S23/8"13.45 pounds13.6 x 8.5 x 3.4 inches95ft-lbs
bosch hth181-01Bosch HTH181-011/2"14 pounds19 x 14.3 x 5.1 inches500ft-lbs
milwaukee 2662-22Milwaukee 2662-221/2"13.9 pounds17.1 x 13.7 x 5.2 inches450ft-lbs
bosch iwh181-01Bosch IWH181-013/8"7.2 pounds13.5 x 11 x 4.5 inches133ft-lbs
hitachi wr18dsdlHitachi WR18DSDL1/2"3 pounds6.4 x 3 x 9.7 inches188ft-lbs
ingersoll rand w1130-k2Ingersoll Rand W1130-K23/8"2.18 pounds4.7 x 1.6 x 3.5 inches100ft-lbs
ingersoll rand w7150-k1Ingersoll Rand W7150-K11/2"11.8 pounds18.6 x 15.3 x 5 inches780ft-lbs

Cordless Impact Wrench Reviews

Dewalt DCF889M2 – Best Value For Money

dewalt dcf889m2 20-volt

Dewalt is a famous tools manufacturer, and its products are known for their good quality and reliability. Their power tools and hand tools are very popular because they are durable and almost indestructible, thus suitable for many types of projects. The Dewalt DCF889B is equipped with a powerful battery and is the best electric impact wrench available on the market. The tool is compatible with 20 V Max tools, and it allows the user to work on their projects until long.



The Dewalt DCF889B is the best for automotive, as it offers 400 feet-pounds of torque. Though it is not the most powerful one, it is suitable for a handyman or mechanic who needs this amount of power.


Dewalt DCF889M2 is equipped with advanced XR Lithium-ion batteries that generate more power and performance as compared to other wrenches. Dewalt has included upgraded batteries this time that is 1.3x more powerful than normal batteries. The good thing is that the batteries have a longer run time too and they don’t deteriorate at a fast rate either.

Variable speed:

The variable speed option is also a very useful one. There will be times when you won’t need the 400 feet-pounds, and this is when you can use the variable speed option. You can have full control over the speed, and if you want less, you can change it by using the speed setting.

LED light:

There is an LED light provided for illumination in low light conditions. This improves the visibility and makes it easier for the user to work safely.

Fuel gauge:

There is a fuel gauge that allows the user to monitor the battery power. This feature allows the user to keep a track on when the battery needs to be recharged.



  • It is ideal for prolonged operations.
  • It is lightweight and has an ergonomic handle for easy use.
  • It allows the user to complete a wide variety of different tasks such as heavy-duty fastening.
  • It is very durable.
  • It is an economic investment.
  • The design prevents wrist and arm pains.
  • A variable speed trigger is a useful option.


  • The battery is not built-in.
  • It is quite expensive.


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Dewalt DCF813S2 – Best Budget Choice

dewalt dcf813s2 12-volt

We have another Dewalt product on our list, and that is Dewalt DCF813S2 kit. Dewalt manufacturers great kits because they are very durable and powerful. These equipment are well balanced and are equipped with lots of features to assist you during your task. This Dewalt is very lightweight and compact, and thus, it can be stored in narrow spaces easily. This is also the best budget choice because it is available at a very affordable rate.



The Dewalt DCF813S2 offers 96 feet pounds of torque power of loosening and tightening tasks. The wrench is powerful enough to carry out tasks at home, such as the DIY ones. Though it is not as powerful as our first Dewalt wrench, it offers good balance and assists in completing a home project.


It is equipped with two 12V Max Lithium-ion batteries and a 12V Max 40 minute charger. The two batteries are included with the kit, and each of them has 1.1 Ah. The nominal voltage measured under workload is 10.8 and without a workload is 12 V. The battery charger takes around 40 minutes to one hour to get charge fully.


The Dewalt DCF813S2 has a compact design which is made especially to fit in narrow spaces where other huge impact wrenches can’t fit. It is 6.25 inches long, which allows the user to apply maximum leverage and get the most performance out of the machine. There are rubber bumpers provided too that protect the surfaces on which the wrench is kept on.


There are three LED lights provided on this tool. The LEDs are mounted around the barrel radially, and they can improve the visibility in the low light conditions. The LEDs are placed in a perfect location on the wrench kit so that they directly illuminate the area in question.



  • It is very lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • It has an ergonomic design, and rubber pads are also included.
  • Two long-lasting batteries are provided with the kit.
  • It has user-friendly features.
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • The built-in LEDs improve visibility and give no shadows.
  • It is affordable.


  • The battery takes long to charge fully.
  • It is not that powerful.


Bosch HTH181-01

bosch hth181-01 18-volt

Bosch is another big name among the manufacturers of hand tools and power tools. The company manufactures reliable tools that deliver strong performances. This tool is one of the latest models of Bosch and uses advanced technologies to make the fastening and tightening tasks easier. Bosch Company is known for manufacturing the most ergonomic impact wrenches, and this is one of them.



It can produce 500 feet pounds of torque, which is amazingly high. It is ideal for those who need something to do high torque tasks such as driving large lag bolts. It is ideal for construction pros that have to fasten high torque nuts or need max power to have consistent control over the project.


The Bosch HTH181-01 ½’’ square drive impact kit is made up of metal and high-density plastic. The motor, anvil system, and impact hammer, all are made up of heavy-duty metal and are made to withstand tough and rigorous conditions. The flat anvil design makes it easier to change the sockets. The nose is also designed to get into tight spaces easily. This is manufactured especially for fabricators and contractors as it allows fastening or high torque anchors and nuts. There is a soft grip handle that is very ergonomic and makes it easier to work till long.

Lightweight and compact:

It weighs only 6.7 lbs and thus is very portable. In spite of being lightweight, it can produce good amounts of torque to carry out the project. It has a 10’’ length that allows it to fit in to narrow spaces. The equipment has a ½’’ pin detent tool which can drive fasteners incredibly smoothly and fast.


The Bosch HTH181-01 uses advanced Lithium-ion technology for battery, and it is equipped with an Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) system. The battery is long lasting and delivers optimal performance throughout the task.



  • It is very powerful and fast.
  • The flat anvil design makes sockets changing better.
  • It has a lightweight and compact design.
  • The LED light ensures visibility in low light condition.
  • The thin nose pin allows the user to use it in narrow spaces.
  • The handle has a soft ergonomic design.


  • It is heavy.


Milwaukee 2662-22

milwaukee 2662-22 18-volt m18


Milwaukee Tool is a big company and is providing durable and reliable tools to the people for many years. It has good experience in the tools manufacturing field, and their tools are being used by many industries and companies involved in construction and manufacturing. The Milwaukee 2662-22 is a high torque tool and provides industry-leading power and durability. It is equipped with a powerful and fast impact mechanism and is ideal for many tough projects.



It is loaded with superior power, and it delivers 450 feet pounds for high-intensity projects. With this power, it provides a good runtime and powerful impact mechanism. It is equipped with a 4-pole motor which allows it to run for long and produce high impacts to make the task easier and faster. The frameless motor is a top-notch one and gives the wrench a powerful impact mechanism.


This Milwaukee 2662-22 is a compact one and is lightweight too. It weighs around 5.2 lbs and has an ergonomic design. The cordless wrench can be used for long hours as it won’t feel hard or uncomfortable on hands because of its ergonomic design. It is 8.875 inches long and has an anvil with detent pin that allows achieving superior socket retention. The anvil pin is of ½’’ and is suitable for a variety of loosening and tightening purposes.

Variable speed trigger:

It is also equipped with a variable speed trigger option so that the users can choose the speed level of their preference. The variable speed trigger has two options; 0 to 1900 rpm and 0 to 2200 rpm. This speed trigger option is ideal for those who want to perform various tasks where variable speeds are needed.


It includes 2 batteries of 18V. These batteries are high capacity Lithium-ion ones, and there is a one-hour charger provided too. The battery amp hours are 3.0 Ah, and they provide long running time for performing lengthy tasks. The batteries and the charger are included in the kit.



  • It is very portable and compact.
  • It is very powerful and offers high impact mechanism.
  • It provides a variable speed trigger option.
  • The pin detent provides maximum socket retention.
  • It is perfect for long hours of use.
  • It has an ergonomic design.


  • The battery is big and heavy.
  • Pulling the socket out is difficult.


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Bosch IWH181-01 – Best Choice For Lug Nuts

bosch iwh181-01 18-volt


This is another kit from Bosch, and it is very powerful and sturdy. The Bosch IWH181-01 delivers excellent performance and long-lasting durability. It has a compact and ergonomic design and can be used without being exhausted from lifting it for hours. Bosch impact wrenches have an ergonomic design, and they are designed to withstand the wear and tear of uses. This tool is perfect for lug nuts and is impressively sturdy and can help in completing the task faster.



The No load speed provided is 0 to 3200 IPM and 0 to 2800 RPM. This optimized mechanism creates added efficiency. The motor allows it to work efficiently and quickly and have the tasks done before time. This feature helps the manufacturers and contractors to have their tasks done accurately and efficiently.


The Bosch IWH181-01 is a fantastic choice for automotive with capabilities of fast removing and tightening tasks. It delivers a maximum torque of 133 feet pounds which can be used for tightening and fastening the concrete anchors, lag screws, and lug nuts. The spring-load hammer and anvil produce high amounts of torque and little torque reaction.

Soft grip:

The grip of this tool is a soft-wrapped one which allows working on projects for extended hours. It doesn’t dig into the hand nor causes stress on the shoulders, and thus, it is perfect for long hour operations. The ergonomic design makes it easier to carry the wrench and use it for tightening, removal, and fastening of various rigid nuts.


It weighs only 3.8 lbs and has a height of 10 inches. This can be used in narrow spaces because it is very portable too. The socket storage is available in a hard case, and there is a 3/8’’ square drive anvil to provide high impact mechanism. It has a lightweight design which increases maneuverability and improves comfort.

LED Lights and battery:

The LED lights provide illumination in low light conditions. If there are tight areas to work, these LED lights help have the task done on time. It has ECP and FPS systems that work with fatpack or slimpack batteries.



  • It has a unique battery pack design that allows the equipment to run till long.
  • The true flat anvil design offers easy changing of sockets.
  • It is lightweight and has an ergonomic design.
  • The LED light is provided to work in the dark.
  • It can produce massive power for high-intensity tasks.


  • It is not as durable as stated on the package.


Hitachi WR18DSDL

hitachi wr18dshl 18-volt


Hitachi is a well-known name in the manufacturing industry, and its tools are known for their reliability. The Hitachi WR18DSDL is the best for wheel nuts and is powered by a powerful battery for toughest jobs. The equipment is available with a good warranty and is designed for long-lasting use. The equipment can handle high-intensity tasks such as driving machine screws, sinking lag bolts, and carrying out miscellaneous tasks around home and workshops.


2-Mode Power:

The Hitachi WR18DSDL is equipped with a 2-mode power system that allows the user to choose between the save mode or power mode. There is a switch provided to change the modes between the power saving modes and full power. This feature allows the user to save power when it is not needed or when there are no high-intensity tasks. The equipment produces 188 feet pounds of torque, which is less than other tools on our list but is still enough to perform the tough tasks.


It has two Lithium Ion 3.0 Ah slide type batteries. The Li-ion side type battery technology is an advanced one and is designed specially to last till long. It offers a fade-free power and is very lightweight too. As compared to the traditional batteries, this battery pack offers 3 times more battery life. There is a rapid Lithium-ion side battery charger provided too.


It is very easy to use and maintain as it has an ergonomic design. There is a metal belt hook that allows the user to keep the equipment close at hand. There is an externally accessible carbon brush that allows easy maintenance and quick access. Not only this, but it is cross-compatible with other battery systems of Hitachi too. Also, it weighs only 3.7 lbs, which makes it very portable.

Lifetime warranty:

Hitachi WR18DSDL is available with Hitachi’s lifetime guarantee for the Lithium-ion tool and a 2-year warranty for the Lithium-ion battery. This warranty proves to be very handy if there is a manufacturing fault or something goes wrong with the product during the given period.



  • The two-mode power option helps to save power.
  • It is very user-friendly and is designed with easy access components.
  • It is lightweight and ergonomic.
  • The battery is long lasting, and there is a rapid charger provided too.
  • Hitachi warranty is provided.
  • LED light provided for working in dark conditions.


  • It has a large size.
  • The button that retains the socket doesn’t work well.


Ingersoll Rand W1130-K2

ingersoll rand w1130-k2 12v


The Ingersoll Rand W1130-K2 is compact and is designed to finish the tasks in less time. It is very durable. It is also the best cordless 3/8 impact wrench for this price. This tool will allow you to finish your task early and in an easy way. There is lesser fatigue with the use of this equipment as compared to the traditional wrenches that are very heavy and difficult to use. The hammer impact offers a smooth experience and doesn’t compromise on the durability of the equipment.


Durable housing:

The Ingersoll Rand W1130-K2 is designed especially to be used for challenging and tough tasks. It is equipped with a durable and sturdy housing that is resistant to chemicals, impact, and wear and tear. This allows the user to do the tasks confidently because there is no fear of the equipment getting destroyed due to rigorous uses. There is a three-point pad provided too so that the equipment remains stable when placed on the work surfaces.

Massive power:

It provides 600 feet pounds of torque to perform high intensity and rigorous tasks. This amount of maximum torque is needed for fastening and loosening of screws and bolts and other touch and challenging jobs. The high impact mechanism offers a smooth experience to the user and allows the work to be done comfortably and easily. It also offers 100 feet pounds of reverse torque.

Variable speed switch:

There is a variable speed switch provided to change the speed levels according to the nature of the task. The battery Amp hours no-load speed is 0 to 2700 IPM while the No-load speed in RPM is 0 to 3300 RPM. The variable speed switch is available with an electronic brake that allows full control of the tool.

Ergonomic design:

The Ingersoll Rand W1130-K2 has a lightweight and compact design. Because of the ergonomic design, it reduces fatigue and put less stress on the shoulders and arms as compared to the traditional wrenches. The cordless design helps maneuverability and prevents tipping over the wires.



  • It has a powerful impact mechanism.
  • The housing case is very sturdy and durable.
  • Pads are provided at the bottom to make the equipment stable on surfaces.
  • Variable speed switch is there to choose the speed settings.
  • It is very easy to use and good for long hours of use.
  • The Li-ion batteries provide long battery life.


  • The accessories are not easily available.


Ingersoll Rand W7150-K1

ingersoll rand w7150-k1


The Ingersoll Rand W7150-K1 is the best one for changing tires as it is a powerhouse. It delivers massive power and is used for performing very rigorous and challenging tasks. The high torque delivered by this equipment helps in performing tasks involving nuts, bolts, and sockets with ease. This tool is very popular for different day to day uses such as dealing with the heavy equipment and automotive, and is also perfect for the construction workers and manufacturers.


A powerhouse:

The Ingersoll Rand delivers 780 feet pounds of maximum torque, which is the highest amount of torque on our list. This amount of torque is in forward and reverse direction plus there is bead-breaking torque of 1100 feet pounds for performing high powered tasks. It is also equipped with a rare earth magnet monitor that offers higher power and longer life.


It is equipped with patent pending which is over-molded too. The grip is soft and comfortable, which reduces stress on the arms and decreases the vibrations during work. This is thus ideal for extended use. It also has the shortest length, which increases the user’s comfort.


This equipment is designed to last long as it is made from premium quality and sturdy materials. The case is made of aluminum, which increases stability and makes it sturdier as compared to others. The metal reinforced housing makes it resistant to drops and blows. The drive and hammer mechanism is all-metal, which create a highly durable impact mechanism.

Long lasting battery:

The battery is long lasting, and it takes only 30 minutes to charge. The batteries are included in the kits, and the battery types are Lithium-Ion. These batteries allow the device to work for long hours smoothly.



  • It is the most powerful tool on the list.
  • It has an ergonomic design with a soft grip handle.
  • The battery is long lasting.
  • The noise level is minimum and reduces strain on ears.
  • It is very durable and long-lasting.


  • There are some reports of trigger wearing out.
  • The aluminum design looks a bit cheap.


What is the best cordless impact wrench?

If you’re wondering what the best for you is, we have compiled some factors that will make it easier for you to decide. Everyone wants a tool that could easily loosen the rusted and tight nuts and bolts. This tool is very beneficial as it has more torque than the drill machines and can take out the nuts and bolts in some minutes. A cordless one is very lightweight and portable, and it saves a lot of time and energy. If you’re willing to buy the best one, you must consider these factors before choosing:

Torque or power:

This is the most important factor if you want to choose a good wrench. The best one changing tires or for other tough tasks is designed to deliver maximum power or torque. Regardless of the size or weight, the torque is the most important factor to be chosen. Always check the amount of maximum torque an impact wrench can generate. Many advanced tools these days have multiple torque settings that make them more versatile and useful. A cordless saves time and energy because it is very powerful and produces high impact mechanism. The torque is stated in feet-pounds or inch-pounds, and you can read the label or instructions to know about that.

Size and weight:

They are available in various sizes and weights. Most of the cordless impact wrenches are very lightweight and portable, but some are heavy too. For short projects, you can use a heavy wrench, but if the project is a long one, using a heavy one can cause stress. The smaller and more compact wrenches are designed to be used in tight spaces. However, most of them sacrifice some torque for size, and this should be considered before buying.

Impacts per minute:

The impacts per minute tell you about the number of times the hammer strikes anvil in one minute. A higher number of impacts per minute tells you that your tool will be able to drive screws and nuts faster and loosen the bolts easily too.

No load speed:

The no-load speed is that speed at which the tool turns when there is no load. The no-load speed is higher than the load-speed as the load slows down the movements of a wrench. However, the impact wrenches with high speeds have lower torque. If you’re worried about buying a wrench, you can get one with higher torque and leave the speed thing.


It should be comfortable to use for long hours. Not all are designed ergonomically, and thus, it is imperative to choose one with a comfortable design. There are some with soft pads and grips that make it easier to work till long.

Bottom Line:

A best electric impact wrench is one which is equipped with all those features that make the project easier and more comfortable. If you’re willing to buy the budget one, you can find it on the list. There are others that are a bit expensive but are designed to make sure that you complete your project efficiently and smoothly.