Tradespro 837212 24-volt 1/2″ Drive Cordless Impact Wrench Kit (Tools & Home Improvement)


  • 240 Ft/Lbs Max driving torque
  • 1/2 Inch cordless impact wrench kit

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An impact wrench is a device that generates powerful torque to tighten or loosen lug nuts or bolts. There are three major kinds: air impact wrench, electric impact wrench, and cordless impact wrench. While all of these have their own pros and cons and are suitable for different purposes, the most popular among them are air wrenches. They are lightweight, portable, and versatile. Therefore, we decided to check how efficiently an air wrench works and which is the best model to use. Thus, we decided to review one of the most popular impact wrenches – this is Trades Pro 24V Cordless Impact Wrench review.

About the product – Trades Pro 24V Cordless Impact Wrench Review

The Trades Pro impact wrench is cordless, thus it works on a 24 volts battery. It has a drive tool of 1/2 inch. Its ability to generate powerful torque makes it comparable to not only other cordless impact wrenches but even to the air wrenches. It also comes with a complete storage case, a 24 volts battery, and a free battery charger.

Great features:

  1. It is cordless: While all types of impact wrenches are portable, the cordless ones provide the greatest degree of mobility. They can be carried anywhere without the hassle of transporting a compressed air cylinder for power and can be used where electricity is not available. This is why cordless is the most versatile type of impact wrenches, as they can be used for different tasks and different places.
  2. It comes with a charger: The Trades Pro cordless impact wrench comes with a 24 volts battery, required for its operation. However, it also comes with a battery charger. Thus, the battery can be charged whenever electricity is available, but the impact wrench can be used even if it is not, but using a charged battery.
  3. It is powerful: After their invention, for the longest time, impact wrenches were unpopular due to their lack of ability to perform heavy-duty tasks. However, now with the production of the Trades Pro cordless impact wrench, you can stop worrying about this problem too. This impact wrench can generate up to 240 ft-lbs of torque.
  4. It is easy to handle: It does not weigh much, which makes it easy to handle. This prevents exhaustion and improves the user’s efficiency.

trades pro 24v cordless impact wrench review

  • Item model number: 837212
  • Item weight: 10.17 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 4.2 x 15.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Power source: cordless electric
  • Power: 24 volts
  • Number of handles: 1

Feedback and conclusion:

The Trades Pro cordless impact wrench comes with a great price. According to us, this is the perfect price for an impact wrench. The impact wrench delivers what it promises, and surprised us with its robust work and speed, and durability. Not only did we like it, most of its users were also satisfied with the product.

The Trades Pro impact wrench has positive reviews on the Amazon, where some users are appreciative of its ability to handle heavy-duty tasks. While others like its built and body, which is comfortable to handle and work with.