Rockwell RK2855K2 20V Li-ion 3-Speed Brushless Impact Wrench (Tools & Home Improvement)


  • 3-Speed Gearbox with push button control
  • The Torque ranges are 0-885/1590/2600 in/lbs.
  • On-board LED light illuminates dark areas
  • Also features battery capacity indicator, and includes belt hook
  • Weighs 3.2 pounds with battery installed

List Price:$219.99 USD
New From:$299.99 USD In Stock

Impact wrenches are a rage these days! They get the job done in much quicker time than the manual tools, with minimum effort. In this day and age, everyone can appreciate the time and energy they save. However, when we heard that there was a new product launched by Rockwell, that cordless, but also reasonably priced, we decided to test it ourselves to curb the curiosity. We present you Rockwell 20V Brushless Impact Wrench review.

About the product – Rockwell 20V Brushless Impact Wrench review

The Rockwell RK2855K2 20 Volt Lithium-ion 3-speed brushless impact wrench is a new addition to their collection of tools like impact driver, electric drills etc. It comes with a 3-speed gearbox with push button controls that help in managing speed (depending on the task you are doing). Other features include LED light indicator, battery operation etc. The Rockwell cordless wrench also includes a belt hook.

The impact wrench weighs 3.2 pounds, and its dimensions are 3 x 6 x 8.5 inches.

Great Features

  1. It is battery operated: The cordless feature of the impact wrench allows it to be used anywhere where the electrical power supply is not available. Consequently, it requires a battery operation. It requires 2 batteries, which are installed within the machine, which provides it with a 20 volts power supply.
  2. It has a LED light indicator: The LED light feature helps when the tool is being used in dark places where there is no night. This makes the machine much safer to use. The LED light also indicates the charge status of the batteries.
  3. Its speed can be adjusted: The Rockwell cordless impact wrench not only works at a fast and efficient pace, its pace can also be adjusted. It comes with a gearbox, with 3 options which you can choose to set the speed at.

rockwell 20v brushless impact wrench review


  • Shipping weight: 6.25 pounds (original item weighs 3.2)
  • Item model number: 6 x 3 x 8.5 inches
  • Included components: Bare tool
  • Warranty Description: 20 years

Customer feedback and conclusion:

The reviews of the tool on Amazon are mostly by satisfied customers who loved its quick and easy function. The most impressive feature was the fact that it was so lightweight, allowing it to be easier to handle and work with. The customers also appreciate the durability of the machine as well as the batteries. Its pushbutton technology that allows the user to change the power and speed also seems to be popular among the customers. It has 4.5 out of 5 stars, with up to 85 percent of the customers giving it more than four stars.

Our verdict is that the impact wrench is the perfect tool to add to one’s toolbox! It is safe, smart, and quick. Perhaps the most impressing feature is its warranty deal! Not only is the machine itself durable and long-lasting, in case that it does not live up to that expectation, you can get it fixed through the warranty for 20 years, that is right, two decades!

If you need an impact wrench, go buy one from Rockwell today!